Orco Bank Satisfied with Contribution to Kolegio San Bernardo’s “Antesala” event

Empoyees of Orco Bank Bonaire together with students from Kolegio San Bernardo. Photo: Orco Bank

KRALENDIJK- In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, Orco Bank reminisces on its proud support of the “Antesala” event held at Kolegio San Bernardo in celebration of Dia di Rincon on Bonaire.

The “Antesala” plays a crucial role in the lead-up to the grand Dia di Rincon festivities, fostering school spirit and cultural pride among students. Orco Bank’s contribution helped ensure a successful event, allowing the students of Kolegio San Bernardo to participate in a vibrant parade filled with music and cultural expression.

This support exemplifies Orco Bank’s ongoing commitment to giving back to the communities it serves and fostering Bonaire’s rich cultural heritage.

“At Orco Bank, supporting the initiatives that shape the future of our communities is a core value,” shared Mrs. Judy Diaz, Country Manager for Orco Bank Bonaire. 

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