Over 8,000 Residents now Fully Vaccinated

Kralendijk- A total of 8,061 residents is now fully vaccinated against Covid-19 on Bonaire. The number of residents who received at least one shot, now stands at a little of 13,000.

The goal, as defined by Government, stands at 16,000 residents. Now that new registrations and new vaccination have slowed down, there is some talk about the introduction of incentives to get the remaining residents to either register or go in for their first vaccination.

In various countries, incentives have already been implemented to motivate residents to get vaccinated. On Curaçao several employers have paid out bonuses to employees who got vaccinated, while in Florida a monetary amount of 1 million is raffled between those who get vaccinated. There are groups however, which find an incentive to encourage people to get vaccinated, morally objectionable.

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