P.L.P (St. Eustatius) wants ‘Productive Working Relationship’ with The Netherlands

Rechelline Leerdam is party leader for the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) in upcoming elections

The Progressive Labor Party (P.L.P) of St. Eustatius wants a productive working relationship with The Netherlands. This can be read, among others, in the 7-page “Manifesto” which the party published last week.

“The newly elected island council must seek to improve the working relationship between Statia and The Netherlands, in the interest of the people of Statia. This must also serve to speed up the process to return to full local democracy and authority as soon as possible”, according to the manifesto.

The P.L.P. also writes that they accept the results of the last referendum and will continue to negotiate with the kingdom partners towards an autonomous entity in the Dutch Kingdom, with assistance from the United Nations.


“At the same time, the P.L.P wants to show that Statia can take over some of the responsibilities now in the hands of The Netherlands. Further autonomy must be implemented to improve the economy and safeguard the ownership of land, buildings, and governmental services” according to P.L.P

According to the Orange party, this means giving the people of Statia the chance to develop and take care of their island.

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