Parliament worried about destination 30 million euro 

Parliament worried about destination 30 million euro 

KRALENDIJK – The Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament fears that the 30 million euros structural funding from the coalition agreement will not be fully allocated to the two most important parts, namely, fighting poverty on the islands and increasing the free allowance for the public entities so that they can properly carry out their tasks. This became clear on Wednesday during a debate of the Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations in the Parliament.

“The islands themselves must determine how those resources are spent. That is not something that The Hague should determine,” said Joba van den Berg (CDA). She expressed her concern that the Dutch ministries can claim part of the 30 million euros for projects they normally finance from their own budgets. She wants the money to be parked at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK).

Every cent counts

Van den Berg adds that this ministry, together with the local administrators, determines the destination of the funding. Don Ceder (CU) asked for a specific overview of the allocation of the 30 million euros. “As the Parliament we want to know how this is spent. Every cent counts,” he said. Attje Kuiken (PvdA) also shared the concerns. “I fear that the 30 million will not end up where it was originally intended. Saba has a hole in the budget that needs to be solved. The islands must be treated equally and have sufficient funds to carry out their tasks. The fact that this is not the case hurts and disturbs me,” she said.


State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen (BZK) acknowledged that the 30 million is not enough to eliminate all backlogs. “More money is needed,” she said, adding that consultations with the ministries are underway and that more clarity will be provided in the Spring Memorandum. Jorien Wuite (D66), also on behalf of her colleague Lammert van Raan, requested a so-called two-minute debate. During this debate, which should take place within a few weeks, Wuite and other Members of Parliament will submit motions.

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