PDB and UPB present lists for March 15 Island Council Elections

UPB kandidaten

KRALENDIJK – Both the Partido Demokrátiko Boneiru (PDB) and the Union Patriótiko Boneiru (UPB) announced their candidates for the upcoming island council elections on Sunday.

Both parties present a relatively long list, with some surprises. There are many familiar faces at the PDB. New is in any case Gianni van der Heuvel, who was previously an advisor to former MPB Commissioner Nina den Heyer.

There are also many familiar faces on the green list, including several veterans. New, however, are Benito Dirkz, who was still on the red list in previous elections, and former island Council Registrar Willem (Wimpy) Cicilia.

The entry of former commissioner and former Paboso party prominent Yona Chirino on the green list had already been announced.

At the UPB, in particular, the ranks seem closed again in the rank and file. For example, former party leader of the UPB Ramoncito Booi and former Commissioner Burney Elhage are also more more visably present. Booi said he was satisfied with what James Kroon in particular had achieved for the party as party leader, but at the same time called for a change of course on certain points. “I hope that the UPB will be able to win five seats, so that we will become the largest party on the island again,” said Booi, among other things.


The lists will be submitted to the main polling station on Monday, after which it will only be really clear what the participating lists look like when it comes to the candidates. It is not uncommon for shifts to take place at the end.

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