PEP Wants More Information from Executive Council Saba on IAB and RIA BES laws

The PEP faction in the Island Council is currently formed by Julio Every and Saskia Matthew, seen here during a recent trip to The Netherlands

THE BOTTOM- The faction of the Party for Equality and Prosperity (PEP) has sent written questions to the Excutive Council about the newly introducted IAB and RIA BES laws. 

The BES Establishments and Activities Decree (Inrichtingen- en Activiteitenbesluit BES – IAB BES) requires the Executive Councils in Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius to establish a monitoring and enforcement policy. Annual reports on the achievement of the selected objectives and priorities will be submitted to the Island Councils and the Secretary of State for 

Aside from the IAB BES, there is also a new Regulation on Establishments and Activities BES (RIA-BES) which has come into effect as per April 1, 2024. 


PEP, among others, wants to know what business in Saba fall under the so called category 3, and what consquences will that have for the business in question. Also, the opposition party wants to know who will be in charge on the island of conducting the assessments related to IAB and RIA BES and how business continuity will be assured for business who are not in compliance when the first assessments are conducted. 

As point of concern the party points to capacity constraints on the island. 

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