Pet food now included in Bonaire price comparison

Pet owners have felt much higher prices for pet food. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- Starting from April, the price of pet food will also be included in the monthly grocery price comparison conducted by consumer store Fundashon Tienda pa Konsumidó Boneiru (PTPKB).

“The high prices of pet food can contribute to the phenomenon of more animals being found on the streets or being brought to shelters. As the cost of living becomes increasingly expensive, it is logical that people prioritize themselves over animals,” says Giovanna Frans of PTPKB.

The consumer store hopes to have a positive impact with comparisons of pet food, by informing consumers where pet food can be obtained at the cheapest prices.

Significant increase

Pet owners have noticed that the price of pet food, such as dog food, has significantly increased in price over the past few months.

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