Pharmacists will check whether prescriptions are in accordance with the ‘G-Standaard’

Kralendijk – As of 2019, pharmacists on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba and the Healthcare Insurance Office (Zorgverzekeringskantoor, hereinafter referred to as ZVK) will collaborate to promote the quality of drugs used on the three islands. As of that date, all prescription drugs will be checked on the basis of the ‘G-Standaard’ (Dutch Drug Database). This means that the drugs have been tested by the Medicines Evaluation Board and are listed in the Register of Medicinal Products.

In the Netherlands – as well as the Caribbean Netherlands – medicines are not permitted to be marketed until they have received marketing authorisation from the Medicines Evaluation Board (College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen, hereinafter referred to as CBG). This independent authority monitors the quality, efficacy and safety of medicines, and encourages better use of medicines for the right patient. 

Which drugs have received CBG’s market authorisation, is recorded in the Register of Medicinal Products. A drug from this register is in accordance with the ‘G-Standaard’.

Register of Medicinal Products

Because of this ‘G-Standaard’ patients, physicians and pharmacists know that drugs have been tested against strict criteria. Drugs which are not listed in the Register of Medicinal Products, do not contribute to responsible healthcare and patient safety. This also applies to drugs produced and frequently used in our region.

It is prohibited in the Netherlands and the BES islands to dispense drugs which are not listed in the Register of Medicinal Products. As of 2019 dispensation of these products is no longer permitted.

Quality and patient safety

This may result in the fact that a drug which a patient is accustomed to use may no longer be dispensed. The pharmacist will then choose another product in consultation with the prescribing physician. 

The Register of Medicinal Products contains adequate drugs to guarantee the quality of healthcare and patient safety. 

By checking the medicines for compliance with the ‘G-Standaard’, ZVK, physicians and pharmacists collaborate in ensuring responsible healthcare and patient safety.

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