Pillar near Harbour Village Marina destroyed for the umpteenth time

The damage from the most recent accident is extensive. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – There are probably few pillars in the world that have been knocked down and repaired as often as the one near Harbour Village at the Marina.

Especially drivers who, with a bit too much to drink, try to take the bend at high speed, often collide with the pillar that has been knocked down and set up again at least ten times over the years. 

Just last Saturday, hotel employees were seen putting the finishing touches on the repair from the previous collision. 

However, this time, the impact was so hard that not one but two pillars were knocked down, with the second pillar completely in ruins. In addition, a tree behind the pillar was also partially destroyed. 

The bend can be considered dangerous, as several accidents have already occurred, some of which were even fatal. 

No Police Information

There is no information available from the police as of Sunday regarding the accident that is believed to have occurred on Saturday night. A message posed to KPCN on Sunday, around noon, was not answered before the end of the day. 

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