Pilot project with Contact Center will lead to 15 high-quality jobs in Bonaire

Kingdom Representatieve Gilbert Isabella is speaking to one of the employees of the contact center in Bonaire this morning. Isabella congratulated the employees with the fact they will now be permanently hired.

Kralendijk- A pilot project in Bonaire with a contact center for P-Direct, who is responsible for processing the payroll of about 120.000 civil servants in The Netherlands, will result in 15 full-time jobs on Bonaire.

The employees of the contact center were trained to answer questions from government workers in The Netherlands about their salary, vacation days or other practical matters, outside of regular working hours. The callers do not know they are speaking to someone in Bonaire. For that reason, apart from training to gather knowledge about government regulations and salaries, a lot of training is geared towards the Dutch Language.

According to P-Direct director Edgar Heijmans, the results of the Pilot have exceeded expectations. Kingdom Representative Gilbert Isabella said to be very happy with the creation of high-quality jobs for locals on the BES-islands.

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