Piskabon Deeply Concerned about Arson Attack on a Fishing Boat Bonaire

Photo - Live99FM

KRALENDIJK – The fishing cooperative Piskabon is shocked and outraged by the incident involving the fishing boat Corker B-396, owned by fisherman Jan Hendrik Emerencia. The boat was found completely burned last weekend.

“As it is known, this boat was completely destroyed last Sunday. The cooperative condemns such acts against the fishing sector. Acts like these not only affect the fishermen, but the entire community. It concerns the livelihood of professional fishermen,” writes Piskabon chairman Ernest De Lannoy in a press statement on Tuesday evening.

Press conference

Piskabon has called a press conference on Wednesday morning to provide information about the incident and the steps the cooperative plans to take. In the meantime, Piskabon has already been in contact with the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“We do not tolerate acts like these against our members and will take all possible action within our power,” says De Lannoy.

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