Plans for Bonaire’s drag strip are getting more concrete

Stakeholders got more explanation about the plans thus far. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – Last week, the sports foundation of the Public Entity Bonaire, INDEBON, held consultations with stakeholders when it comes to motorsport on Bonaire.

There is currently talk of the construction of a real dragstrip, but also a place where people can ‘fever’ without endangering public order.

Director of INDEBON, Terrence de Jong, assisted by expert in the field, Kurt Johnson, indicated that the plans are taking on more and more concrete forms. For example, it has now been identified where the racing strip will be located and a preliminary design is already underway.


Some time ago, Deputy of Sports and Infrastructure, James Kroon, promised that the race track would be a fact before the upcoming elections. There has been talk on the island for years about the construction of facilities for motocross riders and other motorsports. According to De Jong, however, the plans are now more concrete than ever.

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