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Plastered in Pretty, a new pop culture novel by N.C. Marks

Philipsburg – Plastered in Pretty by N.C. Marks is a new pop culture novel published by House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

“Marks, from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has written a ‘ferocious depiction’ of a world dominated by social media appearances” says Gerty Dambury, a Prix Carbet author based in France.

Plastered in Pretty is “a dystopian tale set in a Caribbean paradise. Facebook and Instagram are virtual religious icons. A pyromaniac burns a new-born in the late night, and civil servants chat only via WhatsApp,” said HNP president Jacqueline Sample.  –> Snap hier niet heel veel van. Vind het een rare zin 

Marks gave a sneak preview of Plastered in Pretty at Montserrat’s literary festival on November 16. Audiences and book buyers were introduced to her fictional “friends with benefits, ‘Persons With Pedigree,’ and flamboyant vagrants,” said Sample.

New readers will also encounter “a car accident victim, in distress over her $1,000-hairpiece, a government minister’s ‘mysterious snake,’ and a church first lady protecting her psychopathic son with hush money. Yet the willful but fragile protagonist is not yet among this list of characters,” said Sample.

This uncustomary Caribbean novel is a 128 pages long book. It is “A glimpse in the impact of the digital era on the obsession with the need to be ‘liked’ and ‘pretty’ … with surprises,” said Oral Gibbes, producer/host of Speaking of Everything, St. Martin’s leading TV talkshow.

“While often funny (whether it is racing through Vincentian society, a Colombian prison, or embarrassment at a haute couture make-up counter in Paris) Plastered in Pretty takes no prisoners” said Sample.

Cindy Peters, from Clark Atlanta University’s Department of Political Science, puts it like this: “Personal tragedy, body shaming, love triangles, sexual harassment intersect with challenges young adults face from materialism, globalization and unkind political systems. A cleverly written short novel.”

Plastered in Pretty’s bold cover is made by the award-winning graphic designer Carole Maugé-Lewis. The striking digital portrait dominating the cover is entitled Dark girl, by illustrator Nguyen Thanh Nhan.

Plastered in Pretty by N.C. Marks is available at (, Gaymes Book Centre in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Van Dorp in St. Martin, The Best of Books in Antigua, and Amazon. N.C. Marks is a University of London alumna and teaches geography at St. Vincent Girls’ High School.

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