Police Bonaire conduct searches in investigation into theft of E-bikes and Scooters

KRALENDIJK – On Tuesday morning around 6 o’clock, two searches were conducted in Rincon. It concerns a house on Kaya Shoshori and a house on Kaya Taki.

The searches took place as part of an investigation into recent thefts of vehicles, including e-bikes and scooters. In the house on Kaya Shoshori, a man with the initials P.L.P., 21 years old, and a man with the initials J.S.P., 19 years old, were arrested.

In Kaya Taki, a man with the initials R.S.D.W., 19 years old, was arrested. Various relevant items were confiscated during the searches for the investigation. The investigation in this case continues.

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