Police Bonaire satisfied with the progress of Dia di Rincon

Photo: KPCN

KRALENDIJK – The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) looks back with satisfaction on April 30, Dia di Rincon.

The day before the Force started with a church service and the hoisting of the Rincon flag led by agents of the KPCN from Rincon. During the day the activities went smoothly.

In the evening hours during the last simadan procession, a brawl took place in which two youths were arrested at the Kaya C.D. Crestian. A 17-year-old young man with initials S.M.L. was arrested for public violence, assault and for resisting an official in office.

Another 17-year-old young man with initials G.R.O. was arrested for open violence, for resisting and assaulting a civil servant in office, for failing to comply with a demand from the police and for obstructing an official act.

Warning shot

A number of plain clothes officers tried to stop the brawl while assistance was requested from colleagues. Upon arrival of the officers on duty, it was necessary to use the service weapon to fire a warning shot. The case is under investigation.

According to KPCN, it was all in all a quiet ‘Dia di Rincon’. Together we have shown our visitors that we ensure a pleasant and safe day. Together we bear the responsibility for a safe island”, according to a press release from KCPN.

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