Police Bonaire will use surveillance cameras during upcoming Dia di Rincon celebrations

Images will in principle be destroyed after 4 weeks. Photo: KPCN

KRALENDIJK – The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force will utilize surveillance cameras during the activities on Dia di Rincon, which falls on April 30th. 

This temporary surveillance is part of a pilot project by the KPCN, aimed at investigating whether the installation of mobile surveillance cameras adds value to events where a large audience is expected. 

The purpose of installing surveillance cameras during these events is to maintain public order, efficiently plan police capacity, and ensure the safety of the public. Cameras will be placed at 15 locations in Rincon.


According to a spokesperson for KPCN, the camera footage will be processed in accordance with applicable guidelines.

The recorded footage will be destroyed after a maximum of four weeks. If there is a specific reason within four weeks to believe that the camera footage is needed for an investigation into a criminal offense, the footage may be used for this purpose.

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