Police KPCN Increases Presence During Dia di Rincon on Bonaire

Photo KPCN ( Monalisa Domacasse)

KRALENDIJK – In the past, it has been observed that rules and responsibilities are sometimes overlooked during this celebratory period. For this reason, the KPCN will be as visible and present as possible on the streets during this major event to maintain public order and provide assistance when needed.

For each report of public order disturbance or criminal offenses, the police will assess the best approach, with mutual respect. Verbal violence or aggression against police officers and obstruction of police or other emergency workers in their duties will not be tolerated.

The police also emphasize the use of reusable cups instead of glasses or bottles to prevent dangerous situations. Do not drink and drive; arrange transportation home. Ensure that your house is properly locked and lit before leaving. Park your car in a safe place without leaving valuable items behind, but not behind barricades. Follow the indicated routes and do not move traffic signs.

Finally, the police call on everyone to comply with any demands made by the police, so that Dia di Rincon can be celebrated safely and responsibly.

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