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Police Office Bonaire forced to shoot agressive dog

KRALENDIJK- The police force in Bonaire (KPCN) writes that in the morning hours of Wednesday, October 13, a police officer was forced to fire shots at a dog when he was attacked by the dog.

The dog came out of a yard on Kaya Hulanda. The dog was still wearing a chain from which it could be concluded that he was attached to the chain and had broken loose. The police officer walked past the house and the dog ran after him.

At first the officer tried to scare the dog off. This was unsuccessful and the dog kept coming towards him, forcing him to shoot at the dog in self-defense to prevent it from being bitten by this dog.


Police says there are weekly reports of aggressive stray dogs. The frequency and severity of these reports vary . This concerns reports of, among other things, dogs that bite goats and chickens to death with financial consequences for livestock farmers, but also dogs that attack drivers of bicycles / scooters and thereby cause life-threatening situations in traffic.

The number of incidents in which people are actually bitten and have to undergo medical treatment is increasing. KPCN say they want to draw the attention of dog owners to keep the dogs in the yard by means of a good fence where the dogs cannot go outside and/or by securing the dog to prevent this type of situation.

It is also advisable, according to Police to socialize a dog. A dog needs education and training. There are facilities for this on the island.

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