Police on Bonaire write out 17 tickets during traffic control

Photo KPCN

KRALENDIJK – During a traffic control held on Tuesday, police officers on Bonaire issued 17 tickets for various infractions. 

These included non-compliance with traffic rules, not having the required documents in order, not wearing seat belts and using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) remind drivers of the fact that they can receive a fine of up to USD 225 per violation for various violations.

“We continue to warn that it is important to follow the rules. You wear a seatbelt for your own safety and by using a mobile phone behind the wheel you endanger yourself and other road users,” said the KPCN spokesperson. According to KPCN, it is best to put the phone completely out of sight while driving. Driving around without the required documents, or with expired documents, can also lead to a fine.

More controls

KPCN also warns administrators that more controls will take place over the coming weeks and that violations will be rewarded with a fine.

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