Police respond to multiple dog-related issues in Kralendijk

KRALENDIJK – On Thursday, May 9, around 4:40 PM, a woman in the Bario Kibrahacha was attacked by her neighbor’s dogs. Upon arrival, the police found that three of the four dogs were pit bulls. The police had to intervene using pepper spray and water to separate the fighting dogs. The neighbors received a written warning, and clear agreements were made.

On Wednesday, May 8, around 4:30 PM, a man reported that his neighbor’s dogs had killed one of his goats. The officers accompanied him to Kaya Jivaro, where it was found that the goat had entered the neighbor’s yard and was killed by the dogs. The goat’s owner was informed that their goats should not roam freely in restricted areas and that they must ensure the goats stay within their own property. The dog owner was addressed about the fact that his yard was not fenced, despite having about eight dogs, two of which were not chained. Both parties were warned, and agreements were made to prevent recurrence.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, May 8, dogs attacked nine sheep in a field near Kaminda Lagun, killing three sheep. The reporter had called the veterinarian to come to the scene. She further stated that upon her arrival at the field, she saw a brown dog. The patrol searched the area for the dog but did not achieve the desired result.

On Wednesday, May 8, the police also received a report about a dog on Kaya Pos di Amor that was tied to a long cable but could reach the public road, causing it to attack pedestrians. The owner was addressed and had tied the dog elsewhere so that it no longer left the garden.

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