Political commentator Arthur Sealy criticizes travel behaviour Island Council Members Bonaire

Arthur Sealy - Photo Flavio Maestroni

KRALENDIJK – Political commentator Arthur Sealy is irritated by the lack of communication from the new executive council, as well as the travel behaviour of members of the island council. Sealy makes some pointed remarks in a commentary on Sunday.

“An important aspect is communication with the population. Council members go to Sint Maarten and then to Statia without an official meeting with Van Huffelen. No communication about the WolBes and finBes. They will be on Saba on December 1, then to Bonaire, and on December 3, they travel to the Netherlands for a meeting there. What is their voting advice from M21, DP, UPB, MPB, and Vrolijk? Does it not matter to explain to the people what the effects are of a right- or left-oriented government? Or does the Second Chamber election not matter at all?” Sealy wonders.

“It seems like there is a hurry to get to know new parliamentarians in the Netherlands. This is playing important on the expenses of the community,” says Sealy.


According to Sealy, the priority should be on improving communication, stopping to look back on what the previous coalition did and many other pressing issues. “How can we improve the situation in Tanki Matrimonio and Kaya Apelsina, create parking facilities for cars in the city, establish regulations for public transport, improve housing for people living in deplorable conditions, and provide assistance for goat owners dealing with roaming dogs?”, Sealy wants to know.

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