Possible Shooting of Roaming Animals leads to unrest on Statia

Roaming animals are not a rare sight in Statia. Government’s plan to eliminate them is now leading to unrest on the island. Photo: Martien Vroone

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Earlier this week there was an uproar on St. Eustatius because of rules put in place which prohibits boat owners to transport people to surrounding island.

After boat owners realized they were now not allowed to transport people for the celebration of Saba day, they drew up a letter of protest, and hope to now get attention from their elected representatives in the Island Council.

The issue of the boat owners is however not the only matter that has led to unrest and anger on the island. Another burning issue is the intention of Government to address the issue of roaming animals on the island.

“We the indigenous people would also like our local representatives to put an immediate halt to the eradication of our livestock; cows, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens”, according to a letter handed to representatives on the Central Committee.


According to livestock holders on the island there is an agreement that Government would first provide the land and then a grace period would be granted to allow farmers to erect fences in order to contain their livestock.

The livestock holders also assert that the Executive Council in the meantime has allowed for government-contracted shooters to start executing livestock. “We are requesting the central committee to protect our patrimony”, according to those involved.

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