Possibly also Corendon flights to Bonaire

Corendon for a short time had an airplane stationed on Curaçao, but would now have plans to operate flights bewteen Amsterdam and Curaçao. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – There has been a lot of speculation on Curaçao in recent days about the possibility that travel organization Corendon itself will operate flights between Schiphol and the airport of Curaçao.

Usually well-informed sources show that flights to Curaçao should start as early as November of this year. The plan to fly to Curaçao itself would arise from Corendon’s dissatisfaction with the ticket prices that KLM offers, but also due to capacity problems.

Corendon now has three of its own hotels on Curaçao, which must be provided with sufficient guests.


The BES-Reporter understands from the same sources that Bonaire is also being considered in the flight plans to Curaçao. The idea would be that a flight would be operated via Bonaire at least once a week. This is a so-called triangular flight. This means flying directly from Amsterdam to Bonaire, with the return journey via Curaçao.

Although Corendon’s share in the total tourism market of Bonaire is still relatively small, it does aim for growth.

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