Potential coalition emerges on Bonaire: PDB, M21, and independent Councilman Vrolijk

KRALENDIJK – On Bonaire, a coalition seems to be in the making, involving the Democratic Party (PDB), M21, and the independent council member Cyrill Vrolijk. 

This became evident on Wednesday through various statements from the key players, who ousted the entire executive council with a vote of no confidence the day before. PDB leader Clark Abraham hasn’t completely ruled out the inclusion of other parties in the intended coalition, but doesn’t find it very likely. 

“If there are parties of the former collation willing to change their course significantly to genuinely contribute to the welfare of the population, we are open to discussions.” 


Vrolijk also hinted that discussions had taken place in recent days, stating, “When you withdraw your support from a governing coalition, you must also consider what comes next. In that context, I can confirm that talks have already occurred with colleagues Abraham and Coffie.”

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