Presentation about Bolivia Plantation leads to many questions

KRALENDIJK- On Thursday afternoon, a presentation was given at Delfins Beach Resort about the development of the former Bolivia plantation by the Breemhaar family, who can now call themselves owners of the terrain.

The presentation was given by Erik Berkelmans of Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling from the Netherlands. Berkelmans explained the structure of the plans based on projects on a large digital screen.

Berkelmans put a lot of emphasis on the fact that innovation will be used in the implementation of the project. For example, solar energy will play an important role in the project, innovative processing of gray water will be used and damage to the rocks in the area will be prevented as much as possible when building foundations.


Yet there were also many critical questions, following Berkelmans’ presentation. For example, members of the press asked whether the harmful effects of the salt air had been taken into account, as well as questions about why housing should now be built in this area and not elsewhere.

In addition, they were asked why more opponents of the project were not invited. Berkelmans explained that the main intention was to provide insight into the plans and not so much a discussion of proponents and opponents of the project. “A lot is also said on the island, which is simply not true,” says Berkelmans. The consultant was of the opinion that the unique nature in the area is taken into account in different ways and that the development involved only a small part.

Ten years

Berkelmans also explained that it will take about ten years before most of the plans will be realized.

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