Prices of gasoline, diesel, gas cylinders, and kerosene are decreasing slightly again

KRALENDIJK – Starting from Friday, July 14, the selling prices of fuel will be adjusted, meaning that consumers will see a slightly lower price at the pump. In this adjustment, various types of fuel will be reduced in price.

Regarding gasoline, the price per liter will decrease by 5 cents. It increased by 8 cents on July 1. The price for a liter of gasoline will be $1.43. Diesel prices will also be adjusted, with a reduction of 5 cents per liter. This amounts to 96 cents per liter. This price remained the same during the last adjustment on July 1.

In addition to gasoline and diesel, there are other fuel variants that will experience a price decrease. Large gas cylinders with a capacity of 100 lbs will become 2 dollar cheaper, while the price of small gas cylinders with a capacity of 20 lbs will decrease by 0.50 dollar.

The prices of kerosene will be reduced by 2 cents per liter.

The next change is scheduled for August 11, 2023.

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