Progressive Labor Party happy with appointment of Commissioners

PLP Council members, the two Commissioners and PLP Faction Support after the installation of the Commissioners on Tuesday. Photo: PLP

ORANJESTAD- The Progressive Labour Party on St. Eustatius is happy with the appointment of the new commissioners to be named to the Executive Council, namely Glen Schmidt and Derrick Simmons. 

While a majority of the Island Council would have liked to see the Commissioners appointed much earlier after the last election, parties also realize that it is an important step in the return to full Democracy on the island. 

While last week it still seemed unsure if the new Commissioners would indeed be appointed as planned, the appointment took place during an extraordinary Island Council meeting. 

While there are now two commissioners again, the present Government Commissioner, Alida Francis will still act as Island Governor. She also keeps certain powers, for instance when it comes to the naming of new Civil Servants. 

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