Project ‘Brùg di Oportunidat – Bridge to Opportunities’: pruning and maintenance

Kralendijk – On June 9, 2021, the Bonairean island government, together with the Plenchi di Trabou, entered into an agreement with SELIBON with the aim of creating jobs for a period of 6 months. This group consists of 15 employees who do an excellent job and the results of their maintenance and pruning work in public places are already clearly visible.

They have started their maintenance and pruning work at the Te Amo Beach and the Pal’i Mangel Beach, better known as Donkey Beach, where they have done various forms of maintenance, such as painting the alcoves where the waste containers are situated for the benefit of the waste separation campaign on the public beaches that will start soon.

They then carried out maintenance and pruning work at the slave huts on the southern side of Bonaire, on the beach of Sorobon and in the center area. Also in the district of Tera Korá they did maintenance and pruned plants and trees in early August in preparation for the Day of Tera Kòrá.

Currently the group of ‘Brùg di Oportunidat – Bridge to Opportunities’ is working on the road to Seru Largu. The next place where this group will continue their maintenance and pruning work is the Tourist Road.

All this will help lower the risks to our environment and to the health of both locals and tourists. This work promotes general hygiene and improves the quality of our beaches and public places.

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