Prosecutors Office confirms criminal investigation into Chogogo beach case

KRALENDIJK – The Public Prosecution Service confirms in a press statement on Thursday that it is investigating the construction of an artificial beach at the Chogogo Beach and Dive resort, but at the same time says that it cannot make any statements about this yet.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office has seen that this investigation is regularly reported in the media. An article on this issue has also recently appeared in the media, apparently in response to a claim made by the Prosecutor to the Government of Bonaire,” according to the statement sent out. 

The spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s Office contiues to confirm that the case in question is being investigated. “In this context, as usual, all facts and circumstances are collected that can provide insight into the question of whether criminal offenses may have been committed in connection with the construction of this beach”. It is noted that it is relevant to investigate whether, for example, a license has been granted or not and, if so, when that license was granted. “It is logical that this claim is directed to the Executive Council of the Government of Bonaire, because the Executive Council is the licensing authority, and will therefore have access to this information,” the Prosecutor’s Office explains.

No information

However, the Prosecutor’s Office also states that since the investigation is still ongoing, they will not be providing any further substantive information at this time in the interest of that investigation. “When the investigation is completed, the Prosecutor’s Office will assess the results. If we conclude that criminal offenses have probably been committed, we will assess whether it can be determined who is criminally liable for this, and whether prosecution is appropriate or not. Further information will be provided when those decisions ave been made”, according to the statement received. 

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