Public Entity Bonaire launches its new website

Public Entity Bonaire launches its  new website

Kralendijk – The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) launches its new website. Now an appointment can be made online at Burgerzaken to pass on a birth, apply for a passport or driver’s license. Entrepreneurs can also apply for their permits via this new website.  The address of the website remains the same, The website is full of Papiament-language and Dutch-language information. The website can also be opened on the tablet and mobile phone and it is easy to use.

The content is more up-to-date, the structure is more modern and the visitor has access to most of the OLB’s services. This new website offers residents opportunities they didn’t have before. If someone needs a ‘Certificate of Conduct’ (VOG), this can easily be requested digitally. Tourists on Bonaire can read information about the culture of Bonaire on the website.

“In the future, all visitors to the OLB website will be able to log in to follow the status of their requests. If you apply for a passport, you can view the status online. The aim is that next year, residents and entrepreneurs will have all their requests digitally” said Commissioner Hennyson Thielman.

Digitization is becoming more important every day on Bonaire. Soon the OLB will come up with the Digital Inclusion programme. This program is intended for people who are not so convenient with the use of the computer, mobile phone or with the internet. Part of the program is how to make good use of the computer, mobile phone or with the internet. Everyone can get help from the different community centres to enjoy these digital developments.

The website will be the digital counter of the OLB that is open 24 hours a day. All residents can arrange their affairs digitally. Visit the website:

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