Public Entity Bonaire points out the importance of hurricane preparedness

KRALENDIJK- The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) points out in a press release the importance of good preparation for the new hurricane season, which starts on Wednesday, June 1, and will last until November 30. 

Scientists expect that the hurricane season may be more active than previous years and are calling on citizens to be well prepared for this. The Government points out that it is important to be well prepared. “Inadequate preparation could jeopardize your safety during a hurricane disaster,” according to the release sent out on Monday. 

Hurricane brochure 

The Public Entity provides citizens with useful tips in the hurricane brochure. This folder also describes what the OLB does during a hurricane. The folder also contains the emergency number that people can call if necessary. In addition, information is distributed via press releases, our Facebook pages (Gobièrnu di Boneiru and Public Entity Bonaire), twitter (@OLBonaire) and our website ( Here are tips and measures to prepare for a hurricane. 

Disaster Response Team 

Government also points out that it has a disaster management team that prepares for a crisis or disaster. The disaster management team arranges with various organizations what to do in the event of danger during and after a hurricane or tropical storm. They do this, for example, with the police, fire brigade, physicians and public health services. In addition, during a hurricane, the OLB provides shelters for people who are no longer safe in their own homes. The OLB also advises citizens to download the ‘Disasterprep Bonaire’ app from the App Store and Google Play. The app tells you how to prepare for various disasters. In it you can read what the OLB does, what the emergency number is and what our social media channels are. Via the app, the OLB can send important messages to all users of the app if necessary.

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