Public Prosecutor’s Office with Academy Event Employees

On Thursday, the OM Carib Academy took place on Curaçao for the first time. Photo: OM BES
Academy for employees PPO BES

On Thursday, the OM Carib Academy took place on Curaçao for the first time. Photo: OM BES

Willemstad- The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) last week organized a two day event in the context of Learning & Development and Team Building for all its employees. Colleagues from the BES islands, Sint Maarten, Aruba and Curaçao came together for this event.

The first day of the event was dedicated to Learning & Development. The morning program started with a lecture by psychologist Micha van de Vorst. Here he dealt in an interactive way with the subject ‘How to deal with the vehemence of work’.

For the rest of the day, the employees of the OM could follow different workshops. The offer consisted of workshops aimed at (further) developing legal knowledge and/or personal development. There was also plenty of room to get to know colleagues better. The day ended with a team building activity where the employees could show their musical talents in an interactive and fun way.

The next day the Big Parket meeting (GPV) took place. The GPV is an annual event where the colleagues from OM Carib come together and deal with a specific topic. This year the theme for the GPV was Integrity. Integrity is a subject that is central to the work within the Public Prosecutor’s Office and it is therefore of great importance that the colleagues discuss this topic together and learn how to deal with integrity issues.

In the afternoon, all employees worked together in a creative session on various paintings, eventually creating four large paintings. The paintings reflect the characteristics of the different islands. This certainly contributed to the team spirit of the participants. The day ended with a happy hour with all participants.

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