Re-Play program launches on Saba

THE BOTTOM – Saba Reach Foundation launched the Re-Play program in collaboration with the Forsa Academy on Tuesday 10th January 2023.

The Re-play program will be using the Forsa method to work with students with behavioral challenges. Developed by Mick Schmit, in Bonaire, the FORSA method has been developed specifically for youth with attachment disorders.

Activities are scheduled to begin on January 16th 2023, at the Re-play activity center, located at #2 Lily Street, The bottom. The Forsa method places students into groups within the Re-play program. The group setting will be used to encourage positive norm choices amongst the peers. As the group collectively have positive experiences, youth will become more motivated to help each other and to learn from each other’s positive behaviors.

Goals of the peer group will be challenging, but will also connect with the needs of the students to build healthy habits within the activity. Through the Re-Play program, stakeholders hope to empower students, using the talent and qualities of the youngsters.

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