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Reading-out day in local schools organized on June 13

MCB Bonaire director, Leonard Domacassé, will be one of the persons reading to children on Bonaire’s reading-out day. Photo: Read & Write Foundation.

Kralendijk- On Tuesday, June 13th, Bonaire’s first reading-out day will take place. The event is organized by the ‘Read and Write Foundation Bonaire’. By organizing this first reading-out day on Bonaire, the foundation hopes to encourage parents, teachers and nursing leaders to read more to the children.

Research has shown that there is very little reading taking place on Bonaire. According to the organizors this has to do with the fact that there is no real reading culture on Bonaire.

The foundation says that research shows that reading is very important in the child’s development and good for their language development. The foundation also says that children learn to listen well when read to and they learn to concentrate. Finally, reading also stimulates the child’s fantasy.

Various well-known personalities from the local community on Bonaire will be reading to children during the event, such as Kingdom Representative Gilbert Isabella, Fire-chief Jair Tromp, deputy chief-of-police Michiel Marchand and MCB Bonaire director Leonard Domacassé. The event starts at 10 AM on Tuesday.

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