Recap of the good and not so good of 10-10-10 Saba

The Bottom, Saba – Sourced from the Public Entity of Saba, Bulletin December 2020. Saba has benefited enormously from the direct relationship with the Netherlands, and there have been many improvements since Saba became a public entity on October 10, 2010. However, there are a number of issues that require urgent attention from The Hague, said Commissioner Bruce Zagers. In a letter that he sent to the Second Chamber and State Secretary Raymond Knops early October on the occasion of 10 years new constitutional relations, he drew up a summary of things that have gone good and things that have not gone so well. The Dutch government has made sizeable investments on Saba in the past years. “Our development after 10-10-10 shows that it was the right decision for us,” stated Zagers.

You can read more about it here Newsletter-Nov_Dec-2020-FINAL.pdf (

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