Renovation work Kaya Grandi Bonaire progressing

Picture: Public Entity Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- The renovation work on the Kaya Grandi has been in full swing since September 19. After having made a start at Oranjeplein, the next phase will start on Wednesday 12 October.

For this, the entrance to the Kaya Grandi will be temporarily closed to vehicular traffic. It concerns the part between TCB and the Banco di Caribe. The shops will remain accessible by foot. Local traffic (residents, loading and unloading and visitors to the Banco di Caribe) may turn right at the intersection Kaya Isla Riba and Kaya Grandi and leave the Kaya Grandi via the Kaya Almirante Pedro Luis Brion. The activities of Phase 1b will take an estimated 4-5 weeks and may cause dust and noise nuisance in the immediate vicinity.

Time Capsule

The so-called ’time capsule’, which the Lions Club placed in 2002 on the occasion of its 40th birthday, is located on Oranjeplein. The Public Entity Bonaire has agreed, together with Lions Club, to give this monument a new look, so that it comes into its own in the renewed Kaya Grandi. The renewed design will be elaborated in the coming period and will be included in the completion of Phase 1.

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