Residents Hato district completely fed up by nuisance of sewerage system

The Kaya Gobernador Debrot, entering Hato, has slowly degraded to a dirt road, thanks to excavations. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- Residents of the Hato district have had it with the nuisance caused by the construction of sewerage. The streets of the neighbourhood have been broken up for months and there seems to be no end to the work being carried out under the supervision of the Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB).

The problem is that the Gouverneur Debrotweg and the Kaya Rotterdam, among others, have been broken open over almost their entire length and have been provisionally filled with sand. That sand keeps washing away with the heavy rain of recent weeks. This not only creates a very unpleasant situation for the inhabitants of the district, but also a dangerous one.

In some places the road has been cut three times over its full width for a distance of less than 100 meters and then filled with sand. Especially for scooters, this regularly results in a life-threatening situations. 

No communication

Although there was initially understanding for the nuisance caused, WEB does not seem to stick to the previously promised schedule. Initially, it was communicated that the work would be completed in May of this year. There has been no communication at all with the residents in recent weeks.

As a result, it is not known when the work will be completed or when the road will be properly repaired again. Complaints are pouring in on Social Media from residents who criticize not only the lack of communication, but also the way in which the work is carried out. “They open and close each hole they dig at least 7 times”, says an apartment owner who has endured an enormous amount of hindrance by the work in front of a tourist accommodation. 

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