Rijna in New Year’s message: 2021 will be Year of Recovery

Kralendijk- Island Governor Edison Rijna in a New Year’s message on Friday said he hope that 2021 would be the year of recovery.

“We certainly are not there yet”, said Reina, who called on residents to keep observing precautions in order not to get infected with the Coronavirus.

Rijna also said that the vaccination program on the island should start on a relatively short notice. “We can’t give details as of yet, but they will be shortly forthcoming”, said Rijna.


Rijna said that, even if a vaccine allowed the island to go back to normal, there were certain aspects of the Coronacrisis that should be maintained. “We have shown ourselves creative and resilient, and we have shown solidarity with the more vulnerable persons in our society. It is really my hope we can maintain those things, even past this current crisis”.


According to Rijna, the year 2020 and the Covid-19 crisis have shown that the island was too dependent on tourism alone, as source of income. “We need to diversify, for instance by investments in agriculture and fishery”.

The Governor also said that innovation by young entrepreneurs would bring new opportunities. “It is important that we as residents start to believe in ourselves. Let us challenge ourselves not to think in hurdles, but in opportunities”, said Rijna.

In closing, Rijna said that he wished all residents a prosperous and healthy 2021.

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