Road reflectors should make road to Rincon safer at night

KRALENDIJK- The Directorate of Space and Development (R&O) of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) has started a trial project over the past weekend on the road from Kralendijk to Rincon. The goal of this project is to improve the safety and visibility of the road and traffic. 

In collaboration with D.S.G. Consultancy, under the direction of R&O, solar-powered road markings known as ‘cat’s eyes’ and reflectors have been installed on the road surface.

If the project proves successful, these road markings will also be implemented on other roads across the island to enhance traffic safety.  Commissioner Hennyson Thielman states that the trial has commenced on the mentioned road section, specifically the curve on Kaminda Onima and the area near Mangasina di Rei. These solar-powered road markings illuminate the edges of the road in the dark, providing better visibility for road users during the evening hours.


Commissioner Thielman expressed satisfaction with the project’s execution, emphasizing that it aims to address the community’s call for improved traffic safety on the island. If the project yields favorable results, similar measures will be adopted on other roads as well. During the project’s implementation, the employees of the Outdoor Department of the R&O Directorate have also contributed. 

The Public Entity Bonaire collaborates with various companies to conduct different trial projects. Involving outdoor department employees is important, as it enables them to gain experience in various tasks, according to Deputy Thielman.

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