Roundabout at Kaya Amsterdam needs to be Completely Reconstructed

Commissioner James Kroon (l) and director Roy Martina (m) during Friday’s press conference.

Kralendijk- The roundabout at Kaya Amsterdam has a faulty design and needs to be ripped out. After that, construction on a new and improved design can start.

Many already suspected that ‘something’ was wrong at the roundabout as work was suddenly halted over 4 months ago.

In a press conference on Friday afternoon, Commissioner James Kroon and Space & Development Director Roy Martina of local government confirmed that the design of the roundabout is faulty. Martina also confirmed that nothing of the present construction can be preserved. The current construction needs to be completely demolished and work needs to start all over. “We will try to recycle certain parts of the material”, said Martina.


What is still unclear is what exactly happened and who is to be accountable for the faulty construction and the financial consequences for Government. Martina grudgingly admitted that it did not appear that the contractor is to blame. “Basically, they constructed what the blueprints indicated. But we now know, that it is not good enough”. Not only is the roundabout much to small (narrow), but it doesn’t meet safety requirements either.

An investigation will have to show who is to be held responsible for the course of events. The roundabout which was constructed, is not similar to the original blueprints and was modified. By whom, or why, will still have to be determined.

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