Rushently Rosalina is 2021 ‘Margaret Star’ winner

Rushently Rosalina is 2021 ‘Margaret Star’ winner
On the picture from left to right: 2020 ‘Margaret Star’ winner Leonsy ‘Eisy’ Curie, 2021 ‘Margaret Star’ winner Rushently Rosalina and organizer Reyna Joe.

Willemstad – The ‘Margaret Star’ was presented for the second time this year to a young deserving person who is an example for the youth and who is showing ambition to work on a bright future.

This year it was 20 years old Rushently Rosalina, a dynamic and ambitious young man who had the honor to win the 2021 Margaret Star.

Rushently is well mannered, respectful, creative, and always willing to learn and move forward and upward.

His ultimate goal is to become a film director and work on big film sets. He wants to create a large network around the world and branch out outside of Curaçao focusing not only on music videos but also commercials, short films, and movie productions.

The ‘Margaret Star’ is in honor of the late conference participant and loyal supporter from start since 2004, Margaret Justina-Janse (1969-2019) who actively shared the vision to have empowering activities for girls and women.

Her support, encouragement, vision, and dedication to the success of the conferences are highly appreciated.

Her energy is celebrated by remembering her with the annual ‘Margaret Star’ and trusting that the young person recognized will be a stimulus for other ambitious young people.

More elaborate information about the 2021 ‘Margaret Star’ winner will be posted on the Facebook page ‘About Female Leadership’.

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