Saba Aces netball team to Statia

The girls before their departure on the Makana. Photo: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM- The girls’ netball team Saba Aces went to St. Eustatius on Friday, February 17, for a tournament on the sister island.

Twenty girls age 10 to 18 and five chaperones, including coaches Tevonille Dunchie and Telong Childs, left on the Makana ferry in the afternoon. “The girls are so excited and highly motivated, and they have improved a lot,” said Dunchie upon the team’s departure.

On St. Eustatius, Saba Aces plays against the St. Eustatius team on Friday evening and on Saturday. On Friday evening, Saba Aces won 29-15 against St. Eustatius. Sunday is a free day. The team returns to Saba on Monday. Five days later, on Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26, Saba Aces will again be competing, this time in St. Maarten.

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