Saba executes repairs to Fort Bay Road Fence

Onderschrift: The current state of the fencing on the Fort Bay Road will be improved as a short-term solution. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM – Repairs to the metal mesh fencing, located after the S-curve on the way to Fort Bay, are due to begin in July. These repairs are necessary due to serious damage caused by falling rocks, especially during heavy rainfall, to both the fence and the steel cables. 

Research at the site and footage captured from drone surveys showed the complexity of the erosion problem in this area.

In the past, various measures were taken in the zone around the S-curve, including the construction of drainage systems and fencing. These measures, although they have undoubtedly improved the safety of Fort Bay Road, do not solve all the problems. The fencing has been repaired several times and has not been able to stop big rocks from falling on the road.

As a short-term solution, Public Entity Saba has assigned Saba Roads & Construction the task of repairing the fencing in July, which will take approximately one month to complete. The public will be informed in advance when repairs are underway.


For the long-term, an extensive risk analysis will be completed in order to guide the design of the structure/solution needed. This analysis will include additional drone surveys, data analysis and site inspections by a geologist. Based on this analysis, practical, feasible, long-term solutions will be proposed.

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