Saba Plagued by Big Fire Second Day in a Row

After the damaging fire of yesterday in Lower Hell’s Gate, residents are once more on alert about what looks to be a serious fire at the Dump. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba- Just one day after a devastating fire which broke out in Lower Hell’s Gate yesterday, residents are once again on alert because of what looks like quite a big fire at the dump.

The Government of Saba has called on residents to keep windows and doors closed to limit the inhalation of smoke and fumes. Government also said that the Fire Department was dealing with the fire.

For the fire which destroyed a house and several apartments yesterday, fire men had to be flown in from St. Eustatius to deal with the blaze.

One of the elements which seems to hamper the work of the Fire Department is the lack of (sufficient) water on the island.

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