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Saba starts with implementation of reforestation project

While the forest in many areas is still dense and lush, other areas have suffered from hurricanes, lack of rain and roaming goats. Photo: BES-Reporter

THE BOTTOM- The Public Entity Saba (PES) starts the implementation of its reforestation project. The PES will carry out this project as part of its plan of action to realize the strategic goals and targets of the Caribbean Netherlands Nature and Environment Policy Plan 2020 – 2030 (NEPP). 

This includes the goal to restore and conserve the unique habitats and species in the Caribbean Netherlands. 

Saba’s tropical and dry forests have over the years been negatively impacted by hurricanes, less rainfall as a result of climate change and roaming goats. This has resulted in high levels of erosion throughout the island and limited the expansion of existing forests. The goal of this project is to boost the recovery process and expand upon Saba’s existing forests in order to reduce the land-based pressures of erosion and runoff, which impact Saba’s coral reefs, and increase the availability of local food. 5,000 trees will be planted for this purpose, of which 500 will be fruit trees. This will be done over a 3-year period. The objective is to create more habitat in order to improve terrestrial and marine biodiversity through the structural restoration and expansion of Saba’s existing dry and tropical forests and at the same time improve food security on the island. The planting of these trees will also enhance Saba’s image as a green destination.


The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) is also carrying out a reforestation project with similar goals and targets. The PES and the SCF will, therefore, collaborate on reforestation efforts where possible.

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