Saba’s Island Governor Message – 720 registered for vaccine

The Bottom, Saba – Island Governor’s Message for Thursday, January 28th, 2021. Although it’s been almost a year now and there is a resemblance of normalcy around the globe. We live in uncertain times, and traveling became one of the most challenging things since covid-19 by far.

Every country has different entry requirements, and depending on the global situation, this can and does rapidly change. Everyone must consider these things when traveling. It has come to our attention that St Maarten adapted and introduced a ban list for nonresidents from specific destinations just yesterday; this is a perfect example of things changing overnight.

Currently, Saba is once again covid-19 free, and as of today, we have 28 people in quarantine.We expect to receive the vaccines by mid-February, and behind the scenes, all stakeholders involved are making the necessary preparations and getting the logistics in order. In the meantime, the information campaigns continue. We know that Saba is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual community, so we have upcoming information sessions planned for our Spanish and Creole-speaking residents. We want to inform everyone as much as possible to make an informed decision regarding the vaccine.

Right now, over 720 persons registered for the vaccine, and I encourage 700 more to follow suit. For the persons wondering if their registrations have been logged, rest assured, once you sent it manually or digitally, you are on the list.I will continue to say that we have been each other’s protectors by following the measures and protocols for months. I hope we continue displaying that community approach by getting the vaccine and protecting ourselves, our families, and each other.

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