Saba’s PEP Faction Urges Greater Transparency Amidst Executive Council’s Counterstatements

Members of the PEP faction, Hemmie van Xanten (l) and Saskia Matthew (r), during a recent work trip to The Netherlands. Photo: PEP

THE BOTTOM- The PEP Faction in the Island Council of Saba has sent out a statement in relation to a recent article on BES-Reporter, which revealed that the Acting Kingdom Representative (RV) has taken action to address transparency issues within the Executive Councils of Bonaire and Saba. 

“This comes as a relief to Saba’s PEP Faction, who have long raised concerns about the lack of transparency on the island. The RV highlighted information flow concerns since late 2022, but the faction points out that this has been an ongoing issue for an even longer period. Previous attempts to address the matter, such as a motion passed by the Island Council last year, have yielded limited results”, according to the faction. 

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