Saba’s Summer Student Program Leads to Concrete Proposals

THE BOTTOM – The Public Entity Saba through its summer student program challenges the young minds of the island, both locally and those returning from studies abroad, with a six-week endeavor to shape their future and that of Saba.

The program offers an opportunity for students to delve into real-world issues, apply their knowledge, and innovate. 

A Case in Point of what the program can lead to is Jade Every’s Vision for Black Rocks Harbor. Under the guidance of Justin Simmons-de Jong, Every was entrusted with the task of proposing a method to re-vegetate the Black Rocks harbor. 

Every’s assignment was more than just a proposal; it was an exploration into what could be. Every examined soil, sun, erosion, vegetation, rain, and leveling at the site for the new Black Rocks harbor. She thought out of the box, presenting innovative ways to utilize waste by community composting and returning nutrients to the soil.

Every’s plan was holistic, considering wind-resistant, drought-resistant, salt-resistant vegetation, either naturalized or native to Saba, but also envisioned beautification ideas through signages, living roofs, blue-green roofs, green islands, and green walls, all beneficial, helping with temperature control, biodiversity, building protection, and energy saving. 


According to the Public Entity Saba, Every’s proposal for the Black Rocks harbor area is a metaphor for what the youth of Saba can achieve. “It’s a call to action for every student and the community, to see the potential, to realize that the future is not a distant dream but a present reality that can be shaped”.

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