Sarpa will also stop flights between Colombia and Aruba

Sarpa planes seen at the airport of Medellín, Colombia. Photo: Harald Linkels

ORANJESTAD – The Colombian airline Sarpa has announced that it will stop flight between Aruba and Colombia. Sarpa’s last flight to Aruba will be executed on January 10, 2023.

Until now, the airline flies a few flights a week between the Reina Beatrix airport in Aruba and the Colombian cities of Barranquilla and Medellín. Sarpa cites relatively high costs, low load factors and increased competition as reasons for stopping flights.

The announcement is striking because Sarpa announced barely two weeks ago that flights between Colombia and Aruba would continue, even though flights to the neighboring island of Curaçao would stop on January 6.


Although Sarpa was the first to start with direct flights between Aruba and Medellín, these are now also offered by Avianca and Wingo. This has led to oversupply and considerable pressure on prices. The latter is of course to the benefit of the consumer.

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