Satel’s Fiber Optic Cable will enable much faster internet to consumers

Satel  is working towards providing faster connections to all consumers by the end of 2024. Photo: Satel

THE BOTTOM – Saba’s Telecom Provider Satel has recently completed the fiber installation and termination in their Test Customer Zone. This zone is in the Airport area and extends up through Lower Zions Hill. 

According to Satel, the completion of this beta test zone is very significant as Satel and the contracted resources have now applied the deployment plan, and proven the process. 

“This test deployment allowed for some learning and adaptation of the installation process, and a few challenges were identified. Some areas have blockages between manholes and may require additional work to clear and repair those issues” according to a statement by Satel. 


By the deployment of a Fiber Optic Network, Satel will be able to deliver much faster internet speed to customers. The Company will be offering an entry level fiber internet package of 100mb Download by 25mb Upload for $50 per Month.

Satel has also said in previous communications that it expects to connect the whole island to the new Fiber Optic network before the end of 2024. 

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